Hello treasured friends and new acquaintances.

I am Eva, your Fantasy.

I cannot wait to share your time, and allow you into my realm of desire, the likes of which will bring you shivers, and thoughts of planning our next visit before this one is complete.

I am an elegant companion, classy and refined. Searching for the distinguished gentleman to spend my time with. My strongest desire is to provide you with an escape from the stresses of your day. Let’s create your vision of perfection and satisfy your sexy whims. My sculpted body will become your playground. Upon arriving in my presence, you will instantly see my affinity for working out and eating well by my sculpted form. My full, natural bosom will summon you to me. You will be hard pressed not to just reach out and run your hands through my thick, coal black hair. Let yourself go in the arms of your dream experience.

What kind of woman makes you feel good?

Do you remember her words?

Can you still feel her touch?

She doesn’t have to be a distant fantasy.

Recapture that lost moment with Eva.

Cultured, experienced, nuanced is the man who seeks me out. Like myself, he is someone who knows what he wants and seizes it. He appreciates a woman with fit, all-natural curves reminiscent of the lush hills of Loire Valley. He likes his engagements the way he likes his wine; complex – never complicated.

Eva Fantasy

Before setting my roots in the Chicagoland terroir, I was a demure suburban girl until a chance move to the big city gave me the permission I needed to delight in my body, femininity, and garnering several admirers who desired my company along the way.

What excites me most, however, is spending time with someone who can recognize a woman of my caliber.

The ambitious version of myself finds immense pleasure in searching for the crowning jewel of my prized rare wine collection, working on my ideal body via weight training and studying hard towards my business degree.

This same vigor applies to keeping my suitor enthralled.

My playful, sensual side loves being your little secret, the one you fantasize about long after we’ve met, furtively appearing when you need her – a secret that only blooms for a man with a seasoned palate like yours.

Like a delicious Syrah, I’m impeccably polished and full bodied, lingering on your tongue until you’re ready to take another vivid sip.

Before long, you will be intoxicated.

Eva Fantasy

There is nothing quite like the experience that two people can share when they are brought together, even just for a few moments in time. A shared look, a gentle touch, everything just stops and there is nothing more than the space between the two of you.

I believe that these special moments are something that I can offer you; a memory of a simple touch, a conversation. Something that you can treasure for an eternity.

Do you find me intriguing? Want to know more about me?

I am 5ft3 and I have long, luscious brunette hair that cascades down my back. My figure is athletic and slim, which is perfect for making sure that I look as beautiful as possible in all my favourite outfits. This is all thanks to the fact that I love working out and spending time at the gym too.

Whilst I am beautiful, I am also someone who is intelligent and who loves the finer things in life. I love music and one of my favourite places to spend some time is some of the local jazz clubs in the area. I also love art museums and I spend lots of my spare time reading and learning as much as I can. I am also spending time studying for my business degree which is currently at an Ivy League College.

Eva Fantasy

I really enjoy spending time indulging in culture and learning more about the world around me. One of the best ways that I can do this is by heading to Michelin Star Restaurants, enjoying the amazing food and wine that is on offer at these fantastic places.

I also love travelling and exploring some of the amazing places that the world has to offer. Spending time outdoors, whether that be hiking or perhaps the beach, watching the ocean waves crashing onto the shore.

All of these experiences are even better to explore with someone else. Why don’t you see if you can share them with me?

Stare into my deep hazel brown eyes and know that when you spend some time with me, that I am always focused on you. I want to listen to you, I want you to feel that you are the only person on the Earth at that moment and I want to take you to places that you have never seen before.


  • Height: 5’4.
  • Ethnicity: Polish/Italian descent
  • Age: Early 30’s
  • Based In: Chicago
  • Hair: Dark Brown
  • Eyes: Light Brown
  • Build: 36DDD-26-40
  • Education: Business Degree

Eva Fantasy